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Frequently asked questions

Can my child get transportation to High Point Classical Academy?


Public school districts are required by law to provide free transportation for school-age children to private schools within a 10-mile radius of the school.


The following school districts should provide busing to HPCA:

  • Wyoming Valley West

  • Lake Lehman

  • Nanticoke

  • Wilkes-Barre Area

  • Wyoming Area

  • Dallas

  • Pittston Area

  • Hanover 

  • Northwest

  • Tunkhannock

  • Crestwood


Does High Point Classical Academy have open or closed enrollment?

HPCA is an open enrollment school that is an entity of High Point Baptist Church. Therefore, parents and students should expect that all instruction and counseling will be consistent with the doctrinal convictions of HPBC. It is not required that students share these same convictions; however, by their attendance at HPCA, students agree to honor and respect HPBC's "What We Teach" while also adhering to the school's honor code. The administration of HPCA reserves the right to dismiss any student that accumulates enough demerits to demonstrate that he or she is insincere in respecting school policies. HPCA also reserves the right to dismiss any student for behavior deemed by the administration to be especially dishonorable as defined by the Scriptures. We truly believe attendance at HPCA is a mutually shared privilege - it is a privilege for our students to attend, and it is a privilege for us to provide an excellent, enjoyable, and memorable academic experience for all our students. We appreciate the support of our students and parents to that end.

Does High Point Classical Academy follow the CDC Guidance for Covid-19 Prevention in K-12 schools?


No. The Scriptures plainly teach that God has ordained five primary spheres of authority: the government, local church, family, employers, and the conscience - and it is our duty to obey them when they operate within their proper spheres of authority. HPCA is a ministry of High Point Baptist Church where it is the firm conviction of our elders that the Scriptures define the spheres of authority and the limitations on that authority. We believe that matters of health are personal matters within the domain of an individual's conscience and liberty. Insofar as the government wishes to provide health guidance, it must do so under the authority of the individual's conscience without infringing upon it. However, the conscience must still be informed and governed by the Scriptures. The conscience cannot contradict the clear commands of Scripture. Rather, it must be informed by them. Therefore, HPCA reserves the right to require students to adhere to biblical virtue while enrolled at HPCA. 


What are the next steps once I am notified that my child(ren) has been accepted into High Point Classical Academy?


All students who have been accepted will need to submit a fee and must complete and return registration forms with valid supporting documents by the deadline that is communicated by the Admissions coordinator, or their seats will be forfeited.

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