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EITC Scholarships
Give without giving

High Point Classical Academy will receive 100% of your contribution to give to students for scholarships, and you will get back 90% in the form of a tax credit/refund!



Sign the Pledge

You can leverage 100% of your annual PA state income tax to participate. Determine you PA tax liability, and fill our the pledge from today.


Submit your check

You will receive a letter via email or US mail. It will be an award letter stating you are eligible and the check request will be included.


Receive your refund

After you submit your check, the scholarship organization will send you a K-1 form to file your taxes to receive your PA credit/refund.

An easy and impactful program enabling individuals and businesses to turn their PA state tax dollars into need-based scholarships

Do I qualify?

Individuals or couples (married filing jointly) must work for a business or own a business in PA and have a tax liability of at least $1,000. Those with tax liabilities of $3,500 or more will make their donations through our partnership with the Central PA Scholarship Fund.


You generously decide to donate $10,000 to HPCA through the ETIC program. Once your credit deduction is realized, your out of pocket cost could be as low as $650

Tami Clark

Central PA Scholarship Fund


Beth Ann Kolodgie

HPCA Board Chair


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